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November 3, 2019

New JCCC Trustees are Required



Incumbent JCCC trustees Musil and Ingram are promoting their experience and ability to make hard decisions as positive qualifications for reelection. Their time and support for JCCC are admirable, but multiple problems and controversies at
JCCC over the past two years
indicate their experience and decision-making are not necessarily positive attributes.


Some of the issues:




With no public vote or discussion the Board of Trustees allowed the largest athletic program to be cut. Excuses for the cut range from false to disingenuous.


Stoll Park-


The College attempted to deceive citizens, under the “guise” of safety, that JCCC had no intention to put a permanent road through the park.




One month tuition wasn’t raised a $1 because it might harm a mythical single mom with three kids, but then a few months later raising tuition a $1 was perfectly fine. No reasonable explanation was given why it suddenly made sense.




The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) JCCC’s accrediting agency cites “governance issues and communication” as a concern that must be addressed. The concerns are under the HLC heading “Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct”. JCCC has still not fulfilled all of HLC’s correction requirements.


Censure Letter-


The Faculty Senate censured the President and Executive cabinet of JCCC with a scathing letter of condemnation. These and more recent issues like the Voluntary Early Retirement program that was suddenly emplaced at a potential cost of $6.3m should cause everyone to question the decision making of those in charge at JCCC.



One example from the track issue highlights the systemic problem. Trustees and administrators have repeatedly given the programs cost as a reason to cut the track program. Trustee Musil recently stated in the Shawnee Post candidate forum, “The College was spending about $450,000 a year on a relatively of student athletes,”


But, no one at the College asked the logical question, “Can we spend less on the program and still be effective?” Instead they found it wiser and easier to eliminate the largest (typically 55 students) athletic program at JCCC in the face of continued enrollment decline. SaveJCCCTrack members privately and later publicly explained to trustees at the August 2018 Board meeting that a peer community college operates with 20% of the amount JCCC spends on equally effective running programs.


That’s $90,000 vs. $450,000! Think of the possible savings throughout the College if there was a focus on budget reduction!

But it’s easier to make excuses, make false and misleading claims, and attack anyone with the audacity to question those in charge at JCCC. The college will soon have a new president and that president needs some new trustees to bring fresh thinking, insight and accountability to our community college.


Dennis Batliner
November 2, 2019

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