Use of the JCCC Track Facility

March 4, 2018

Recent JCCC Administration and Board of Trustees comments make the claim that the track facility has low usage. The recent article in the Pitch states:


“Cutting all sports has never been a consideration,” Weber says. Athletics benefits students, and “it also draws in the community in ways other programs don’t.” He notes that it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of youth teams and their parents at the fieldhouse and soccer complex on a weekend. 


Whereas the track doesn’t have as high a public use. When the college looked at requests for groups using its athletic facilities, it found the outdoor track lagging behind the indoor track and soccer field, which can be used for other things, Weber says. There hasn’t been an official meet on the outdoor track since 2010, perhaps because meets have gone to newer tracks in the conference that can charge a gate fee. (The college will keep the indoor track and cross-country course to rent to community users.) Ultimately, it seems, much of this boils down to the fact that JCCC can make more money renting out the soccer field than the outdoor track. 


This is all laughable reasoning to close the track program and flat out wrong. Here's why:


  • Saint Thomas Aquinas rented since 1988 – One of most successful track programs in the state, over 100 athletes on their team

  • Hot Feet Track Club – over 250 youth athletes from Johnson county area, rented summer 2017

  • Comets Track Club – Approx. 125 youth athletes form Johnson County area, rented as recent as 2014

  • Claimed that “There hasn’t been an official meet on the outdoor track since 2010.” Not sure what they are defining as an “official meet” but here are results from a youth meet hosted on May, 11, 2013 in which about 500 athletes participated

  • Has also been claimed in KORA docs to board that the timing system is not up to date.  FALSE!  They have a two camera FinishLynx system which is capable of hosting any meet they desire and this system has been used MULTIPLE times to host track meets including to time the 2013 youth meet.

  • Youth Clinics for Speed Development – Held multiple weeks throughout the summer

  • Open to public many hours of week.  Masters athletes, community members use as training site to better health. 

  • JCCC programs use it. 




Sure, the JCCC Outdoor track could use some minor upgrades from how it is to assist with renting the track and hosting meets, but these would be very MINOR! 


Additionally, if they were to have stuck with the plan to include the track in the Facilities Master Plan, the updated facility would allow much more opportunity to rent, host meets and youth camps and draw revenue to the college.


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